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The National Beat Poetry Foundation headquartered in Wolcott, Ct.


Appointed Paul Richmond Beat Poet Laureate of Massachusetts

2017 to 2019.


Appointed Paul Richmond National Beat Poet Laureate of USA

2019 -2020

Paul's work is best described as political and deadpan, delivered wryly humorously in his own style.


He has been called Assassin of Apathy – "power of words / humor - on the unthinkable, the unsolvable, to analyze, to digest, to give birth, to creativity and hope"


His work has been published in six books, in many journals, magazines, anthologies and poetry collections.


 Pushcart Prize nominee.

He has performed nationally and internationally


The Austin International Poetry Festival, in Austin TX,  Four different years, many times at the many different venues over the three day festival each year and was a feature Poet one of those years.


One of the featured poets at Gödör Klubban at the Jazzköltexzeti est in Budapest, Hungary,


One of the featured poets at the Beat Festival in Stockholm, Sweden where I performed several times over the 4 day festival.


12 performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Scotland 2018


At the Massachusetts Poetry Festival

as part of a featured anthology presented at 2014


Featured Poet at the West End Poetry Festival NC

performing over the three days


One of the featured poets in the movie “Trash” by Bucky Jones,

which all the “dialog” was all poetry


Featured Poet 2017 at the National Beat Poetry Festival in Ct

performing several times.


Featured Poet 2018 at the National Beat Poetry Festival in Ct

 performing several times.


Featured Poet 2019  at the National Beat Poetry Festival in Ct

performing several times


2020 Performed in Senegal, Africa

with the Senegal – American Project

at four different festivals/ events

"Thank you Paul Richmond Beat Poet Laureate of MA 2017 - 2019. A great event organizer and a caustic political poet with a great sense of humour! He was also the cameraman of the festival events. I humbly consider you as my friend. Hope to see you and cherish your poetic preforrnance again. You are one of a kind!"


Chryssa Velissario - Greece Beat Poet Laureate


"I met Paul Richmond aka "the assassin of apathy" in Austin, TX in 2010 and we hung out a lot during the festival. He still stays in touch and sends me poetry pretty regularly. I think he stands pretty comfortably as one of the most admirable American poet deluxes that I know. His form is often tongue and cheek, it is without ego and I think his greatest strength is his clarity. He is foremost I think, an activist but realizes that people will listen far more attentively when they are entertained and so he fuses a keen sense of showmanship with his keen social, political and environmental awareness. He doesn't preach, sermonize or demonize and his work has many similarities to perhaps I think, the cartoons of Leunig in that it brims with humor, wit, insight and calling things as he sees them."


Brent Downes - ACUPGA President/ Faculty: Arts and Sciences · Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

"Paul Richmond's poems are a down to earth collection of poems from an unassuming poet and writer espousing the turths of his universe. His collections are a gathering of episodic verse, told mostly in the second person that captures moments of humor, everyday life musings and , every now and then, offers an insight that borders on profundity. I enjoyed reading the collection, grateful to have received a copy form the poet himself, and appreciate its everyman's quality, one that does not ride on pretension or presumption, but rather is a humble offering that has much to say."


Review by Michael Aaron Casares

"The first time I saw Paul Richmond, I was a judge for a poetry competition for the Florence Poets Society. There were a lot of great poems that day, also many pretty awful ones. As soon as I saw Paul, I knew something was up with this guy. He had a "look" to him like I was really in for something. One of those funny glowing aura things you see around an intensely creative person. Well I was right. His words were awesome, his delivery a beautiful thing, and he made me think about things while making me laugh heartily at the same time. I immediately bought his book and had him sign it and have been a huge fan ever since. Pick up a copy of everything this guy has ever written, I promise you will not be disappointed!! To see him perform live is an absolutely wonderful experience also."


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