Past Festival

The Greenfield Poetry & Spoken Word Festival
October 9th, 2010 in Greenfield MA.

Last years poster

Venues For last years Greenfield Poetry and Spoken Word Festival

3:00 - 4:30 Slots

Greenfield Grill

MC Paul Richmond

1) Patrick Donnelly
2) Elaine Moe
3) Paul Richmond
4) Bob Susskind
5) Karl Meyer
6) Teri O'Shea

Raven Book Store

MC Lori Desrosiers
3:00 - 4:30

1) Barbara Benoit
2) Cecele Kraus
3) Pat Hale
4) Anita Gallers
5) Kathryn Neel
6) Dianalee Velie

Solar Store

MC Dina Stander
3:00 - 4:30

1) John Berkowitz
2) John Speek
3) Deborah Young
4) Dina Stander
5)Jerry Waller
6)Susan Middleton

Federal Street Book Store
MC Tom Twilight
3:00 - 4:30

1) Norma Roche
2) Susan Cocalis
3) Edite Cunha
4) Barbara Lucey
5) Nancy Considine
6) Tom Twilight

Greenfield's Market
MC: Faith Dieleliant Kindness
3:00 - 4:30

1) Amy Simmons
2) Barbara Lemoine
3) Marian Kelner
4) Faith Dieleliant Kindness
5) Terry Plotkin
6) Bob Lipton

Greenfield Coffee Shop
MC: Julie Britton
3:00 - 4:30

1) Julie Britton
2) Elaine Arsenault
3) Janet Conley
4) Ted Scott
5) Kathleen Buckley
6) Amy Johnson


Venues 6:30 - 8:00
MC Tom Twilight
Greenfield Grill
6:30 - 8:00

1) Laura Rodley
2) Patrick Donnelly
3) Julie Britton
4) Lori Desrosiers
5) Tom Twilight
6) Hazel Adolphson

Replay Music Store
MC: Paul Richmond
6:30 - 8:00

1) Michel Duncan
2) Abbot Cutler
3) Lisa Limont
4) Paul Richmond
5) Larry Fader
6)Karl Meyer

Raven Book Store
MC:  Dina Stander
6:30 - 8:00

1) Linda Bratcher Wlodyka
2) Candance Curran
3) Maureen Moore
4) John Berhowitz
5) Dina Stander
6) Deborah Young


Party, late night Reading

9:00 Greenfield Grill
MC Paul Richmond

1) Paul Richmond
2) Tom Twilight
3) Michel Duncan
4) Jack Golden
5) Lori Desrosiers
6) Laura Rodley
7) Beth Adams
8) Writers from earlier venues
9) Annie Hassett

The Greenfield Annual Word Festival
Saturday October 15th, in Greenfield MA

This years Festival was a benefit for The Literacy Pro

105 Poets, Spoken Word Artist, Writers
are scheduled

Program Books will be handed out on the town common
Also they will be available at The Greenfield Grille

Books of many of the presenter will be available
at The Greenfield Grille Banquet Room from 5:30 to 11:30

There will be 3 time slots for this festival
Each writer will have 10 minutes
3:00 to 4:30
6:30 to 8:00
9:00 to 11:30

There is also 4pm to 5pm
Poetry 4 Kids of all ages
JJ Waffleman
Waffles T Clown

At 3:00 to 4:30
There are 7 venues

The Greenfield Grill Banquet Room

1) MC Amy Dryansky
2) Marie Gauthier
3) Maya Janson
4) Lea Banks
5) Diana Gordon
6) Patricia Lee Lewis
7) Elizabeth Lara

World Eye Book Shop

1) MC Lori Desrosiers
2) Kathleen Trestka
3) Laura Kiesel
4) Karen Skolfield
5) Miriam Axel-Lute
6) Andrew Merton
7) Howie Faerstein

Greenfield College Down Town

1) MC Julie Payne Britton
2) Norma Sims Roche
3) Janet Conley
4) Ted Scott
5) Barry Cormier
6) Amy Johnson
7) Kathleen Buckley

Greenfield Coffee

1) MC Larry Fader
2) Joshua Michael Stewart
3) Jim Cahillane
4) Jaqueline Sheehan
5)Rob Lipton
6) Lesley A Smith

Solar Store
1) MC Dina Stander
2)) Marian Kelner
3) Hazel Dawkins
4) llina Singh
5) Jane Schneeloch
6) A.J. Juarez

Federal Book Store
1) MC Bob Susskind
2) Mary Delabruere
3) Jim Bell
4) Janet MacFadyen
5) Elaine Arsenault
6) Meg Wright

Raven Book Store

1) MC: Molly Scott
2) Laura Rodley
3) Amy Metzler-Clough
4) Jim Culleny
5) Ann Marie
6)Kim Rogers
7)Elizabeth Haight

9 Mill St Studio

MC: Paul Richmond
1) Literacy Project Writers
2) Literacy Project Writers
3)Literacy Project Writers
4) Linda Whiton
5) Tom Timmins
6) Amy Swisher
Julia Mines  

4pm to 5pm
Mezzanie Floor of the Greenfield's Market
Poetry 4 Kids of all ages
JJ Waffleman
Waffles T Clown
Sing along, Read Along, Play Along
with the poetry of
Shel Siverstein

Venues 6:30 - 8:00
There are 8 venues

The Greenfield Grill Banquet Room

1)MC Michael Mauri
2)Candace Curran
3) Trish Crapo
4)Tony Vacca
5) Morning Star Chenven
6) Timothy Mason

Rob Skelton and PitchFork will be playing

Replay Music Store

1) MC: Paul Richmond
2) Tom Timmins
3) Jim Smethurst
4) Tantra Zawadi
5) Nina Keller
6) Susie Patlove
7) Verandah Porche

Raven Book Store

1) MC: Julie Payne Britton
2)Karl Meyer
3) John Berkowitz
4) Bob Lipton
5) Deborah Young-Rolski
6) Joshua Michael Stewart

Ten Miles Collaborative

1) MC Diana Gordon
Mary Clare Powell
3) Laura Rodley
4) Maria Williams
5) Lori Desrosiers
6) Kat Good- Schiff
7) Kim Rogers

Greenfield Games

1) MC Larry Fader 
2) Ed Rayher
3) Michel Duncan Merle
4) Jane Schneeloch
5) Faith Kindness
6) Prudence Wholey
7) Barbara Ann Lemoine

9 Mill St Studio

1) MC Dina Stander
2) Marianne Simon
3) Amy Swisher
4) John Porcino
5) Tom Leamon
6) Jay Goldspinner

Pete's SeaFood Restaurant

1) MC Lea Banks
2) Jim Bell 
3) Kevin Devaney
4) Elizabeth Lara
5) Mary E Delabruere
6) A.J. Juarez
7) Genevieve Fraser

Recover PX 1 Osgood St

1) MC Suzy Polucci
2) Lesley A Smith
3) Jim Culleny
4) Open Mic 5 minute slots
5) Open Mic 5 minute slots
6) Open Mic 5 minute slots
7) Open Mic 5 minute slots

At 9:00 there is only one Venue
The Greenfield Grille Banquet Room
Where there will be a number of writers
and Musicians performaning together.
Guest Artist
Tantra Zawadi
Timothy Mason
1) MC Dina Stander    
2) Elizabeth Lara 
3) Tom Timmens
4)Timothy Mason
5) Tantra Zawadi
Iserene Oasis
7) Tony Vacca
8) Michael Mauri
9)Paul Richmond

Rob Skelton and PitchFork will be playing

for information on reading slots still open

The Hope & Olive Festival has happen three years in a row
Check back for 2012 date

We are on for Dec 5th at the Hope and Olive in Greenfield
Readings starts at 3
For those who didn't make it last year
This was a great celebration of writers and many writing groups
Hope and Olive severs Sunday Brunch from 10 to 2 and then Dinner at 5
Many used the event to have brunch or dinner with their favor writers or writing group
There is no food served during our reading time
There will be drinks, coffee, beer, wine, etc
Please plan to arrive by 2:45 for we will start on time at 3
Last year everyone had 3 minutes
Not everyone used 3 minutes,
We had 30 some writers
This was a Celebration and a gathering to listen and meet new and old writer friends

I am now accepting request for those who want to read

You contact me and I put your name on a card
When you arrived you let me know you are there and your name goes into the hat
Names are then pick from the hat
Some people signed up at the door
So there is no scheduling of times, you are there for the event
People who contact me have first option to read over those who sign up at the door
Last year everyone got to read, there is no guarantee (Last year some people didn't show so those who signed up at the door got to read and everyone fit in the time we had)

I look forward to closing out a great year
of poetry and spoken word
With poetry and spoken word, good food, refreshments and good company
Hope to see you there
and Hear from you
to read

Please pass this on to any other writers you know

I have included a map below

Hope & Olive
44 Hope Street
Greenfield, MA 01301
Phone: 413-774-3150
If you come for brunch let them know you are there for the poetry celebration

2012 Memorial Day Poetry May 28th

May 30st Memorial Day Poetry
Spoken Word Festival 2011

Where: In Wendell MA
At the Deja Brew Pub - 57 Lockes Village Road
Doors open at 1:00 in the afternoon
Annie Hassett will sing from 1:15 to 2:00
First reading begins at 2

With good weather bring a blanket, lawn chair, umbrella, we will be outside with an out door stage
Rain we will be inside
There will be food to purchase and alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks
Tables for you to put out your books.

I am now taking names of people who want a slot
I will put your names on small cards
That will be dropped in the hat when you arrive
Those that arrive after 2 and who sign up at the door
will go into a second hat.

2010 was our first year, 40 poets from all over MA and Canada
Presented and we had over 100 in the Audience
So if you want a slot, now is the time to let me know
As with past events everyone is concious of their time and everyone brings thier attention to hear others
With good weather there is enough space to listen and to go and talk

Contact me to read or for more information.